Sciatica Treatment Options

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Sciatica is a debilitating condition that sends pain radiating through the hips, legs and feet. The pain signals result from compression of the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the heels. Since the nerve expands down the back of the leg, a variety of movements and conditions can compress the sensitive fibers.

Sciatica pain varies from near constant to infrequent, depending on the location and severity of the compressed nerve. As the condition develops, and pain worsens, patients may lose the ability to walk on their own accord. Chiropractic sciatica treatment options can help release the nerve to decrease pain and restore mobility.

Spinal Decompression

Misalignments in the lumbar spine pinch off the sciatic nerve fibers, causing the characteristic spasms of pain. Chiropractors can release the trapped nerve by performing spinal decompression techniques. Patients often participate in negative traction procedures to reposition the affected discs and vertebrae. If patients respond positively to these techniques, chiropractors may increase the frequency or duration of the traction treatments to help the lumbar spine recover as quickly as possible.

Before creating a treatment plan, chiropractors will verify the sciatica pain is caused by lumbar compression, not a herniated or ruptured disc a bit further up the back. If a herniated or ruptured disc is the cause, the patient may need surgery to recover from this painful condition. After surgery, patients can return to their chiropractor for additional adjustments to make a full recovery from sciatica.

Therapeutic Exercises

The spinal decompression process often requires participation in therapeutic exercise sessions to strengthen the muscles in the lower back. The strong muscles help keep the spinal column aligned and decompressed after chiropractic adjustments restore the patient's body to its natural position.

Therapeutic exercise programs for sciatica often include stretches that help lengthen the muscle fibers and open up the joints. Light strength training teaches the muscles their proper position at rest and during movement. As the muscles gain strength, the fibers are better able to retain the adjusted bodily positions set during the spinal decompression procedures.

Electro Stimulation

If patients lived with the nerve compression for too long, the fibers may respond inappropriately to normal sensations. The confused nerve fibers may need to be reset using electro stimulation to restore their expected function. Chiropractors can perform electro stimulation in conjunction with the other treatment options to retrain the nerve fibers. Electro stimulation sends signals through the muscle fibers to teach the nerves how to respond. Patients often notice a rapid decrease in pain immediately following each electro stimulation session.

Seeking Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

Patients can obtain relief by contacting the Charlotte Health Center in Charlotte for an evaluation and treatment. Patients have the best chance at a full recovery from sciatica by seeking treatment immediately after the pain develops. Quick reversal of the nerve compression eliminates many of the complications that result from living with the pain for months or years.

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