Spinal Decompression


The human spine is a complex mechanism -- and a fragile one, despite its ability to support your entire musculoskeletal system. When the discs or joints in your spinal column develop problems, you might be told that your only reprieve from lifelong pain and other debilitating symptoms is surgery or painkillers. But the truth is that you may be able to achieve the relief you seek through a non-surgical, drug-free technique called spinal decompression therapy -- and we're happy to make that treatment available right here at Charlotte Health Center.

The many components that make up the spinal column are vulnerable to damage or degeneration because they must perform so many different tasks, all under the pressures of gravity. You spine needs 24 vertebrae, all connected by articulating joints called facet joints and cushioned by fluid-filled discs, to enable you to stand, twist, turn, jump, and endure impacts while remaining balanced. But as with any mechanism, the ore parts you have, the more things can go wrong. Arthritis or other degenerative damage can cause painful inflammation of the facet joints. This problem can be aggravated by flattening or degeneration of the discs. The discs themselves may bulge outward, or they may herniate so that their contents touch spinal nerve roots. The resulting nerve pressure causes pain, numbness, weakness, tingling and other symptoms in various parts of the body.

Traditional spinal decompression entailed surgical fusion and other invasive methods, but the spinal decompression therapy offered at Charlotte Health Center uses nothing more than finely-controlled distraction force. Small amounts of distraction enlarge the spaces between vertebrae, restoring spinal height and easing pressure on inflamed joints. It also creates a negative pressure that sucks bulging or herniated discs into the spaces so they no longer pinch the nerve roots. Last but not least, the creation of negative pressure helps draw water and other nutrients back into flattened or injured discs, facilitating the healing process and helping the discs return to their normal shape.

Spinal Decompression Therapy at Charlotte Health Center

Our skilled team at Charlotte Health Center can administer a detailed evaluation to determine whether spinal decompression can help resolve your symptoms. You'll find that the procedure is not stressful at all; in fact, nay patients find it quite relaxing! All you have to do is lie on our digitally-controlled motorized table while we administer just the right degree of distraction force. While you may feel some immediate relief from pain and other symptoms after your very first session, it generally takes a series of decompression sessions to give your injured or displaced discs the time they need to fully heal. At the same time, we may recommend other practices such as chiropractic adjustments to correct imbalances that encourage bulging discs, or weight loss to help relieve disc stresses and strains. Contact Charlotte Health Center today to get more details about spinal decompression and schedule an initial consultation. For more information call us today.

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