Before Chris became a patient, he was in so much pain that it hurt to sit, drive, and even bend over to pick things up. Now....he is PAIN FREE and back on the golf course!!!





SO proud of you!! by @nicholeeury "@clthealthcenter thank you for helping me get my life back!!! Happy 1 year of med free to me! For 6 years I went from doc to doc trying to figure out my allergies/sinus issues, menstrual cycle, thyroid, and digestive issues and not being able to lose weight! After one month at Charlotte Health Center I was off all meds including ever over the counter medication.

15 years ago, Terri's doctor put her on Toprol for her irregular heartbeat and was told she may have to have a pace maker put in. However, after becoming a#maximizedliving patient, not only is her cholesterol down 46 points her doctor wants to start weaning her OFF the medication! Her body is healing! The power that made the body heals the body!


Bekah came in as a missionary, became a patient, caught the vision, came off all her medication, joined our staff and now is in school to become a @maximizedliving doctor!! What a story she has to tell! by @bekahbyxbe "2 years ago, the "norm" was waking up on a daily basis with a headache or migraine. Today, I'm realizing that I have almost forgotten what that feels like.

In Meghan's own words: "Down 40 lbs this year, crazy improvement in my X-rays & I have never felt better smile emoticon & I am 20 away from my goal weight!" ~ So proud of you




Charles came into our office a year ago with terrible leg pain... He's in here every week, taking hold of his health, and is now free from that pain!





Since being under care, Faith's headaches are gone! She said "I no longer have to carry a huge bottle of medicine wherever I go!"

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