About Us

Our approach to wellness is to focus on the cause of the symptoms you experience. Most doctors are not trained to get to the cause of your pain issues or sub-par metabolic performance. Our team focuses on the foundation of health, on which all other elements of your body are dependent. We focus on the following five areas of wellness:

Metabolic Performance | Quality Nutrients | Chiropractic Care and Nerve System Performance | Mindfulness and Stress Management | Minimizing and Removing Toxins

Mission and Values

Our practice is about potential. Our mission is to equip people to reach the potential for which God created them. No matter what you believe, we want to help you reach your fullest potential. Charlotte Health Center believes the body was designed to heal itself. The brain communicates healing instructions to the rest of your body through your nervous system. Making sure your brain is well rested and receiving the optimal nutrition and oxygen is imperative to our approach to health. Real wellness is ultimately dependent on the spine and nervous system’s ability to provide maximum nerve supply. The human body heals and functions at its peak performance from the brain down and from the inside out. The body doesn’t need daily prescription drugs treating a multitude of symptoms. The body needs more nourishment, less interference, and optimal nerve supply. Our current medical model in the United States is broken. It takes an “outside-in” approach to health. Our team believes that we must treat the CAUSE, not mask the EFFECTS.

Charlotte Health Center exists to fundamentally change the way people think about their health and to help families live up to their maximum potential.

Meet The Team


Dr. Matthew McAlees D.C.

Dr. Matthew McAlees is a certified doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and holds an advanced training certificate in Pediatrics from the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics. He is currently finishing his Diplomate in Nutrition with the American Clinical [...]


Dr. Cameron Piechocinski D.C.

Dr. Cameron Piechocinski is a graduate of North Carolina State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. Living in Charlotte since 1996, Dr. Cameron is [...]


Dr. Shannon Blumhardt

Dr. Shannon Blumhardt has been helping people live pain free since 1999. An experienced chiropractor, he is committed to creating drug-free healthy families in Charlotte, NC. Better known as Dr. B, he started off his career with associateships in Roseville, [...]

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