Health and Wellness

As healthcare and pharmaceutical companies continue to prioritize profits over lives, we help our patients treat the underlying causes of their health conditions and not mask symptoms with drugs or ongoing practices that do not address long term solutions.

Don't just get well. Stay well.

Our Charlotte nutritionists are here to help you reach your holistic healthcare goals. You may want to break free from prescriptions, lose weight, tone through a tailored exercise plan, or maintain spinal health. Whatever your goal, we will help you look and feel your best!

Metabolic Performance
Quality Nutrients
Nerve System Performance
Mindfulness and Stress Management
Minimizing & Removing Toxins
Body Balancing


“I have been seeing this practice for over 6 years and they are extremely caring, friendly and professional I’m 67 and feel 35. Their system works!”

Vernon B


“Very helpful staff with my current weight loss effort!!!”

Cheryl P


“Charlotte Health Center CURED my 25-year heart dysrhythmia. That is something my cardiologist could not do. It did take two visits, but then maybe I was just slow to respond. No medicines. Get them to tell you about my story… or ask me if you see me there!”

Dan T