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Prenatal and Pediatric Care

Your family deserves the same proactive approach to health and wellness that you do! More and more parents are seeking advice on nutrition and pediatric chiropractic care for their children, even as early as during pregnancy. Our doctors are certified in the Webster Technique and are experts in Charlotte pediatric and prenatal nutrition.

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How Prenatal Nutrition and Pediatric Care Can Help

Many health issues begin as early as birth. Your baby deserves the best when it comes to nutrition and nerve supply as they develop. The birthing process can cause stress to an infant’s spine and developing nerve system, as can a child’s activity through the early years. Resulting irritation, or subluxations, can be part of the reason for breathing issues, colic, nursing difficulties, sleep disturbances, and allergic reactions.

Regular Charlotte pediatric chiropractic care is important in helping your child overcome subtle traumas from falls, bumps, and odd sleeping positions. Regular check-ups can identify potential injuries or issues and make the correction. This results in a higher likelihood of optimal health. Parents seek nutrition advice and chiropractic care for conditions such as ear infections, allergies, lack of concentration, and headaches. Our prenatal nutrition and pediatric adjustment recommendations are modified to fit your child’s size, weight, and conditions. Our kids actually enjoy going to see their doctor, and most families report a greater level of overall health!

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5 Stars

Dr. Matt & his team at Charlotte Health Center have changed my family's life. We've been his patients for almost 3 years. Not only have we been able to manage our son's ADHD w/o medication, we all four feel so much more healthy & alive. The chiropractic care is miraculous, delivering tangible results, but we've gotten so much more besides an aligned spine. Dr. Matt pours out the latest information on nutrition & healthy living through his regular monthly seminars & workshops (the majority of which are free to attend).

– Grismar W. (FACEBOOK)

5 Stars

My entire family has been under care at the Charlotte Health Center for 4 years and the experience is incredible. The doctors are transparent about your care and care options. I love what God is doing through this office.

– Rhea H. (YELP)

5 Stars

Great care! Everyone there sincerely wants you to live your healthiest life free from dependence on medication!

– Kathy M. (YELP)



Gonstead Technique

Based on the philosophy that the spine is the foundation of the body, the Gonstead technique focuses on recognizing when the upper and lower portions of the spine are out of alignment. These misalignments are then corrected using a variety of chiropractic methods.

Diversified Technique

In this technique, biochemical failures are addressed in order to fix any areas of the spine that are found to be out of alignment. Injuries incurred while playing sports and in other methods are addressed using manual palpations and types of hands-on techniques.

Activator Technique

This is one of the most common methods of addressing back, neck and other types of pain. A spring-loaded mechanical device called an Activator Adjusting Instrument is held in the hand to deliver impulses that are both quick and low in force to particular points on the body.

Thompson Technique

Using a Thompson Drop Table that utilizes specialized drop segments and pneumatic drivers, our staff is able to easily adjust your spine.

Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT) Method

This method goes beyond simply correcting the alignment of the spine and uses manipulation to improve the body's function.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is designed to alleviate negative pressure within the spine to allow bulging or herniated discs to reposition themselves naturally.


We use this technologically advanced tool to deliver pulses to your spine so that it can be properly adjusted. Since it can deliver these pulses 12 times each second while targeting a specific area, it is highly effective.

Upper Cervical Care

The top two bones in the neck are called the upper cervical spine. By paying special attention to this area, we can improve communications from the brain to the rest of the body.

Soft Touch Treatment

Focusing on pressure points along the spine, soft touch treatment seeks to relax the muscles to allow your spine to adjust naturally.

Whole Body Vibration

This method is used to stimulate the fibers of your muscles. Using short bursts, whole body vibration (WBV) sends the brain reflexive signals and causes your muscles to contract, increasing their strength and mobility.

Blood and Urine Testing

We often recommend blood and urine testing to help guide us in the correct care and treatment plan for your needs.

Customized Nutrition Counseling & Plans

This method goes beyond simply correcting the alignment of the spine and uses manipulation to improve the body's function.

True Body Detoxification

In an effort to support our patients, we offer true body detoxification. It's designed to safely and effectively remove toxins from your body.

Hormone-based Exercise Coach

Our staff tailors their recommendations to your own particular needs based on your hormones and other factors.

Care for Your Whole Family

Your family deserves healthcare that treats the cause of issues rather than prescribing medicines simply to mask the symptoms. Visit the Charlotte Health Center to learn more and put your mind at ease about our holistic approach to healthcare.